Hi there! I'm Justin. I'm a senior full stack software engineer, web developer, and amateur graphic designer.

About Me

I truly have a love for writing code. As soon as I wrote my first "Hello World" program in my freshman programming class I was hooked. I enjoy trying to express my creativity through my software whether that be through sleek UI's or solving a task at hand in a clever manner programatically (But not so clever that it's unreadable! Clean code is always the priority). I enjoy trying to solve complex problems in and out of the work place, for me it's like solving a puzzle. I love learning new things or new ways of doing things I'm already proficient at. I'm a very visual learner so you can find me watching YouTube tutorials or Pluralsight videos quite often to keep my skills fresh.

When I'm not at a computer, you will probably find me in the garage tinkering on cars or behind the wheel of one. I'm a huge automotive nerd.

My Specialities


This is my core programming language I've used throughout my career. I've created several enterprise level applications utlizing it.


My go to solution for data storage and relational data. I've configured many databases over the years and am a TSQL Wizard.


This is what I use to develop large scale web applications. Mostly working with MVC but lately have been playing with Microsoft's new Blazor framework.


I used Javascript for mainly front end things as I normally have a C# backend. But I've still learned the lingo and utlized tools like JQuery and React.


This is Microsoft's front end language for their WPF platform. I have used this almost every day throughout my career while writing enterprise level business applications.


You can't have a web page without some HTML and CSS! I enjoy spending the extra bit of time styling out my designs to help ensure that users have a good experience.

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